Steven came to WCA last year. He was very quiet and shy. He lives with his mom and grandmother and got very little socialization with anyone else since graduating high school. Steven is on the autism spectrum and communication is difficult for him. At first Steven gravitated to the hole punches and paper area where he would create collages with the papers he cut out. He did not engage in any conversations. He kept to himself yet seemed to be happy.

We discovered he liked music because when his favorite songs came on the radio he would go across the room to be near the music and dance. He took his break by himself. He just didn’t want to be around others. After a few months he started moving some of his paper to work in the sewing area. This is a pretty lively group of people. There are lots of conversations going on as well as laughter.

Steven never joined the conversation but he did join in the laughter. A few weeks later Sharen, the WCA instructor, asked Steven if he wanted to learn to sew. He said “yeah”. He has been part of the group ever since. Now when Steven comes in on Mondays he has a seat of his own that he has claimed. Everyone greets him and he responds. He is going on his break with everyone else and sits right in the middle of the crowd. He brings in extra snacks to share. He still goes over by the radio to dance, but now he has friends that go over and dance with him.

Testimonials and Success Stories

"We Care Arts provides not only the skills training, but communicates a sense of caring and compassion that ultimately improves confidence and fosters self-esteem."
--Samaritan Behavioral Health.

"We Care Arts provides a comprehensive and stimulating alternative to typical mental health programs."
--Community Support Services of Greene County.

”Coming from various backgrounds, our special needs public school students are unable to express themselves using language. We Care Arts bridges the gap by providing opportunities of expression through art and various art media. Students take pride in their art projects and build self-esteem. They look forward to the weekly projects the We Care Arts teachers bring to school. Some of the students have even continued to enhance their skills by attending weekly classes at the We Care Arts facility. Some continue to attend the 'Art Cafe' program. We Care Arts is the only facility in the area where our students find a safe place to socialize and express their uniqueness.”
--Suman Mediratta – Dayton Public School Transition Coordinator